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“Jen has been an excellent resource, partner and professional in the sale of our Philly home. All of her recommendations proved to be sound and she was always on top of the sale, keeping us abreast as to interest and helpful tweaks to make to drive interest. She also helped us quickly navigate through the offer process with excellent referrals to get needed work done on the home quickly, which landed us the sale. If you’re looking to buy or sell in Philadelphia or New Jersey, look no further—Jen is the best! My wife and I highly recommend her.”order accutane over the counter

“Great experience overall. Fast sale of our previous home in Fox Chase and two smooth closings I highly recommend Jen and Jeff for your buying and selling needs.”

“My wife and I had Jen sell our house this past year and it was a fantastic experience where she went above and beyond. She originally attempted to sell our house in 2010 when the market had zero activity. We asked her to pull the plug and ended up renting the house. She was very understanding and professional about it and for that reason we went back to her in 2017 after six years of renting the house to sell it. At that point it had a lot of wear from renters and she worked with us (who lived out of town) to get a contractor and staging company to get it ready for a sale which was not an insignificant amount of work. In any case, we found her to work hard, be professional and have a high degree of integrity. In that last point, it is difficult to find someone you can trust, and based on my experience I do think Jen is one of the few you can.”

“Jen has helped me for many years and successfully helped me buy 2 houses and sell 1 house. She has extensive knowledge of the Manayunk/Roxborough area but also other neighborhoods around Philadelphia. She was always very patient with me and always made herself available!”