If you are selling your house before you have moved out, staging your home can be a great way to get more interest from buyers. Staging is a challenge with household members, kids, and pets still in the space, but it’s doable and worth it to impress potential buyers. 

Remove Personal Touches

Although you are still living in your home, it shouldn’t look like you still live there. When potential buyers come in, they should be able to envision themselves in the space. So removing family photos and personal items will help it look like someone lives there, but not necessarily you. Think of how a furniture showroom looks like. Keep it minimal and clean. 

Keep Your Packed Boxes Organized

If you are in the process of moving out, keep already packed boxes in one area and be strategic with your packing. The first items you should pack away are nonessentials. Do not pack anything you think you will be rifling through boxes for down the line. Label everything and be realistic about what you will need before you move. 

Clean & Keep Clean

Constant cleaning is the hardest part of staging your home. The key areas to keep clean are the bathrooms and the kitchen. These spaces typically come under the most scrutiny. Do an initial deep clean of your home and then maintain it. Get in the habit of immediately cleaning up messes and double-check all areas of the house before you leave. 

Family Chores

Keeping clean is a family effort and everyone in the household needs to be on the same page about cleaning. Everyone should have designated areas to clean up daily. Each person should be assigned to clean their own bedrooms (bed-making is a must) and the bathrooms they use. Even task kids with cleaning up their toys by giving them a specific place to put them away. 

Spend Time Out of the House

The best way to avoid messing up the house is staying out of it. It is often easier to eat out more frequently or spend more time with friends and family during the transition. It becomes more real when you start to both physically and mentally move out of the home. 

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